artist and producer


The introduction was through Audiotool and browsing Soundcloud, delving into organic ambient sounds with electronic and experimental shades. The concept of forming an introspective sound grew, which eventually would manifest as a form of catharsis.Due to exposure to an abundance of music, the productions are multi-faceted while remaining to incorporate reflective elements. Burial, Nine Inch Nails, Jacques Greene, Majid Jordan, Falls and drip-133 are cited as main influences. As well as a diverse catalog from house, techno, future/UK garage, R&B, indie and pop.The first EP “heuris” was released on September 22, 2017. After a pivotal hiatus, the debut album “Gradience” was slated for October 31, 2019. The upcoming sophomore album, "Postpast" is scheduled in the near future.Based in Durham, NC.


Gradience (2019)

this album was conceptualised following two years of emotional turbulence. encapsulating the endured loss of loved ones, oneself, morals, and direction.ultimately, having the capability to grasp perseverance and leverage flaws throughout the process, acknowledging a personal and mature evolution.


Heuris (2017)

"it was a painful process. i was undecided on what tracks to release or not. there were a lot of matters that temporarily hindered my creativity and blurred my focus. i even considered postponing another year due to my perception of my unsatisfactory mastering/mixing skills. all these accounted for unfixed release dates and i apologise for the confusion. however, i do not want to disappoint you all and wait for much longer. it is here.nevertheless, i feel that the tracks that are released are final and now feel naturally intended. i have come to a realisation that i have at least began moving on during this creation of an ep. now i can finally remove the weight off my shoulders, and express that i have moved on.i would like to express gratitude to trulsenstad for the provision and permission to use his sample "strum" for "midway" [bonus track in soundcloud], as well as assisting me with mixing and mastering with some of the tracks. also, a thank you to column11sound for releasing and premiering "dvöl" in their soundcloud channel.i hope you enjoy listening."